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There is something in science called a "meme." The name was created by Richard Dawkins in his groundbreaking book "The Selfish Gene." In this book Dawkins posited the idea of a "meme." A meme is any unit of information that gets passed on between people. For the purpose of keeping things simple, we'll focus on creating image-based memes in this particular tutorial. There's a meme that gets shared on social media depicting what we imagine success to be and its corresponding associations. Most students already had meme-making apps on their phones, but some students found a few websites online to create their submissions.

Aside from general meme creation and custom uploads, Quickmeme is also a quazi-social network for humorous reposted images from around the web. They are great for humanizing your brand and sharing it on social media with an authentic voice. The memes they study aren't exactly the ones that you see on your Twitter feed, but rather they're looking at any kind of communication on the internet.

In his book The Selfish Gene, Dawkins described memes as a form of cultural propagation, where people pass a social idea or system of behavior between one another. For example, meme review many memes involving videos of accidents (e.g., bike crashes) will place a Call of Duty "Round-Winning Kill Cam" filter over the accident.

Quote posters combine striking imagery with eye-catching type to inspire, encourage and make people smile. Memes use human brains as "survival machines" and they hop from brain to brain and across time and space ("communications") in the process of cultural (as distinct from biological) evolution.

Technically defined, a meme is "an idea, behavior, or style that spreads from person to person within a culture.” Memes are a staple of internet culture and based on common understanding are typically photos, short videos, gifs, or bits of text that are shared, edited, expanded upon, and passed around.

However, more and more fashion brands are moving to incorporate memes into their social content, especially in order to target young millennial women. If the size of your image file is too large, you may need to resize it to easily share it online. The most popular funny pics today are undoubtedly lolcat images, which combine word captions (in this instance conveying emotion or conversation) and lovable kitties.

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